Service & Support

Join conditions
1, with a certain degree of financial strength, good financial credit and goodwill.
2、With a willingness to cooperate in the long term, have rich experience in sales and management.
3、Determine the location and area of the business site according to the regulations of the enterprise.
4、With brand awareness, understanding and acceptance of Fudanese's business philosophy and corporate culture. Have the motivation and strong learning ability to grow with the brand constantly bigger and stronger, dare to have a relative monopoly in the local ambition.
5, the ability to independently bear the investment risk and civil liability.
6, the franchisee can accept the company's site visits.
7, pay the deposit of intention to join.


Join the support

1、Decoration support
According to the terminal area to give the appropriate decoration subsidies; national unified standardized store image system; professional designers to provide terminal store decoration design, provide promotional and opening materials required design.
2, promotional support
The opening of new stores, product special supply support; opening activities promotional support; opening activities tailored to the program; the company will send professionals to store set up guidance.
3、Training support
Before opening, for the store personnel to provide product knowledge, sales training; full-year, high-frequency skills training, comprehensive coverage of shopping guide, design, installation, management, to ensure that dealers operate without worries. Enterprises in the regional and national marketing training from time to time.

Join Process


By filling out the application form or by phone or fax Contact the company.


The company screens the information and informs about cooperation opportunities.


Both sides to deepen the contact, field research signed "to join the letter of intent to cooperate".


Confirm the location, area and opening time of the store according to the "Franchise Manual".


Submit drawings and deposit that meet the franchise requirements.


The company designs the complete set of drawings and orders the decoration and ancillary items from the company.


Before the official opening, the company's regional manager is responsible for guiding all kinds of affairs before the opening.


Through the decoration and inspection Acceptance of the store, you can formally open for business, signed the "franchise cooperation agreement".

Join Application